1 2 Prince vol. 1 by Yu Wo

By Yu Wo

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That way, you'll make them feel inferior, and they won't dare approach. ” The pretty waitress reddened and, with some difficulty, finally led us to a seat. Still wearing that faint smile I sat down and turned to stare at the other diners. As expected, it was very effective and those whom I gazed upon didn’t dare to look at me again. I flipped the menu open. Using it as a shield to conceal our faces from others, Lolidragon and I discarded our earlier expressions. ” Looking at the pictures, I had to swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva.

You had one wish and, just like that, you used it to change your gender? ” my brother fumed, his expression both mournful and incensed. ” I answered with a laugh. ” My brother’s face was still the picture of sorrow. I bet that he’s wishing that he was the one who received that wish… “What’s your nick? ” I know you too well, Bro. ” Stupid brother, putting on that sad expression, che! You might be able to deceive those naïve little girls into falling for you, but trying to trick the sister who has known you for nineteen years?

Lucky! I thought, feeling indescribably joyful. Aside from the pair of shoes and the money, there was the egg, and neither Lolidragon nor I could wait to find out what pet would hatch from it. We decided to return to the village first so that we could identify the shoes23 and find a pet shop where we could hatch the egg. Once Lolidragon and I had combined our efforts to skin the Wolf King – I haven’t forgotten my cape, hehehe! – we happily returned to the village. The instant we reached the village gates, I realized that I’d made a massive error.

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