2012: Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse by Joseph Gelfer

By Joseph Gelfer

21 December 2012 used to be believed to mark the tip of the 13th B'ak'tun cycle within the lengthy count number of the Mayan calendar. many of us believed this date to mark the top of the area or, not less than, a shift to a brand new type of international recognition. analyzing how a lot of the phenomenon is predicated at the historic checklist and what kind of is modern fiction, the booklet explores the panorama of the fashionable apocalyptic mind's eye, the economics of the religious industry, the commodification of countercultural values, and the cult of superstar.

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They write and read blogs, purchase and exchange books, and attend conferences and seminars. a. Hunbatz Men), of Yucatec Maya ancestry, both of whom have been heavily influenced by New Age ideas. Just as ignorance—or outright rejection—of scientific explanations of the distant past and credulity for the Noah’s Ark story helps to identify an audience willing to believe Cornuke, ignorance, gullibility, and credulity relative to the ancient Maya, their “mysterious” calendar, and “ancient prophecies” have become a tool for reaching a willing audience for New Age belief and morality.

There is no hint that the gods have reconsidered their decision. No more room for improvement; ergo, we are in our last cycle of creation. Auguries, in late post-classical books like the Dresden Codex, are one-word guides for action on particular days, like our newspapers horoscopes, but highly laconic (Schele & Grube 1997: 79–88). More explicitly prophetic are the year- and k’atun-prophecies in the Chilam Balam books. These Colonial-era books exist in several versions, highly customised to each of several Highland Maya towns.

Throughout Mesoamerica there were numerous asynchronous cosmic diagrams, calendars and creation myths, which make it difficult to choose a particular one when striving to explain 2012. The (Lack of) Evidence for Mesoamerican Forecasting So, if the contemporary 2012 phenomenon is based on Maya prophecy, where are the End-dates in genuine Maya sources? There really is little to tell: neither Mixtec nor Maya literature tell us anything about the End of Time, nor of this Creation; not a word. Aztec accounts are less shy, but still they say very little.

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