21st Century Villa by Hanlin Liu

By Hanlin Liu

People's everchanging life result in increasingly more standards for the final traits of homes, and the calls for for studios have marched in the direction of the mental size and cultural sphere. accordingly, there come up new layout developments and new requisites for setting, fabric choice and layout notion. The layout initiatives during this publication lead readers to understand the relaxation and cosiness of the common house. The designers of those tasks have created extra average, and handy dwelling areas within the so much common and purest layout languages, giving them a finished and shiny rationalization of the structure layout idea that structures are created for individuals.

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21st Century Villa

People's everchanging existence lead to a growing number of requisites for the general features of homes, and the calls for for flats have marched in the direction of the mental size and cultural sphere. for that reason, there come up new layout tendencies and new specifications for atmosphere, fabric choice and layout notion.

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Does the space feel too abstract? Some people like to live with a precise number of elements and a lot of emotions. Simple geometry can follow a passionate way of being. 为建成这栋供主人读书、写作、思考、居住终生并充满幻想的房子,设计师设计了一个没有顶棚的盒子建 筑。这个盒子建筑仿佛是一个裸露的超自然的花园,混凝土地面四周包围着混凝土墙壁。为了打造隐蔽的 空间氛围,设计师在建筑周围种满了枝叶繁茂的树木。树木中间飘浮的盒子里面充满了北面照射进来的透 明光线。 房子共分为三层:顶层是主人读书、写作的空间,花园为生活区,而最底层用来睡觉。 设计师在顶楼空间的上方设计了一片浮云,下面是带有大片透明玻璃的图书馆,光线可从玻璃照射进来。 主人可以借着北面照射的光线读书、写作、感受与思考。 设计师为生活区设计了一个南面朝阳的花园。花园内外被半透明的墙壁包裹,占据了整个二层空间。花园 内部被混凝土墙壁包围,采用防腐包层的混凝土墙壁一直延伸至室外,模糊了室内外的界限。北面的光线 通过玻璃墙经室内立方体反射到加莱里亚白色墙壁上。最底层用作保证深度睡眠的地下卧室仿佛包围在洞 穴之中。最高处的图书馆是主人梦想实现的地方。 耀眼的白色墙壁与透明的玻璃墙将光线反射到室内各个区域。这样的空间是否过于抽象?有些人喜欢居住 空间内布满精致的装饰品,充斥着各种情愫。其实,简单的几何构造内也可以有充满激情的生活方式! 1.

A folding begins at the seating platform on the southern terrace over the outside walls, continues over the roof, covers the building structure and thereby forms a “saddle roof” without taking on the appearance of a conventional saddle roof. This folding spatially differentiates the individual areas, thereby providing more excitement to the entire complex. Due to the spatiality and “perspectivity” created in this way, the house looks different from every angle. The interior rooms will be up to 4 metres tall, which will make the entire house appear much larger.

Staff Room 18. Guard Room 二层平面图 1. 入口 2. 主人办公室 3. 保姆房间 4. 仓库 5. 凉廊 6. 卧室入口 7. 主卧室 8. 阳台 9. 浴室 10. 卫生间 11. 更衣室 12. 有通道的屋顶 13. 儿童活动区 14. 儿童房 15. 前室 16. 员工厨房 17. 员工房间 18. 警卫室 106~107 2 1. The bedroom where you can catch sight of the heaven through the window 2-3. The brunet bathroom furniture and the oak floor maintain the visual peace 1. 卧室,透过天窗就可以看到天空 2、3. 深色的浴室家具,和橡木地板,保持视觉的和平 1 3 108~109 尼古拉斯山上住宅 Location: Moscow Region, Russia Designer: Peter Zaytsev ,Arseniy Borisenko/Za Bor Architects Area: 450 sqm Completion date: 2009 Photographer: Peter Zaytsev 项目地点:俄罗斯,莫斯科 设计师:Za Bor 设计事务所:彼得·扎特赛夫、阿瑟尼伊·博瑞森科 项目面积:450平 方米 竣工时间:2009年 摄影师:彼得·扎特赛夫 House in Hill of Nicolas The architectural design comes from the complexity of the landscape.

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