A Summer of Secrets by Kelvin Bueckert

By Kelvin Bueckert

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Further to the east, there was a darker building that served as a Credit Union branch office. Looking farther, she could see the brown and yellow walls of Clarke’s gift shop. Candace glanced at her watch. Knowing Jason, he would be awhile yet. However, he wouldn’t be as long as he used to be. When Brent was still in town, he and Jason had spent many happy hours over chocolate donuts and coffee. Those were the days.... Brent’s absence had left a hole in Jason’s life that couldn’t be filled by Candace.

30 Jason tore his eyes away from the show, and then stood from his seat. “I’m sorry for being so distracted. I’m always interested in the preservation of Christmas music. Lead on! Take me to your boss! ” The waitress really was young. She must be sixteen at the most. She laughed nervously. “My older sister used to work here. She told me about you and Candace. ” Jason nodded as he stroked his chin. “Yes, I can see your problem. Don‘t worry, I‘ll talk to your boss. ” Mabel hesitated for a moment, and then shook her head.

To be precise, I am training to be a security officer. ” Despite her attempts to claim otherwise, Charles was obviously not one of Mabel’s favorite people. There was a brief moment of silence before Mabel continued. “I'd bet that it was some punk kids. Why, in my time we’d be punished if we got caught stealing candy bars. Nowadays there’s not even punishment for selling drugs and killing people! That’s exactly the reason they steal. Crime, that‘s all the kids learn these days. ” Mabel shook her head as an expression of profound sorrow overwhelmed her face.

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