Advanced 6502 Programming by Rodnay Zaks

By Rodnay Zaks

Booklet through Zaks, Rodnay

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Advanced 6502 Programming

Ebook by way of Zaks, Rodnay

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Since the LEDs must alternately be turned on and off, an exclusive-OR instruction is used to provide the automatic on/ off feature by performing a complementation. Because two complementations of the LED status must be done to blink the LEDs once, the loop is executed 20 times. Note also that LEDs must be kept lit for a minimum amount of time. If the "on" delay was too short, the LEDs would appear to be continuously lit. The program is shown below: BLINK BLOOP LDX #20 STX CNTHI STA CNTLO LDA CNTLO EOR PORTlB STA PORTlB LDA #10 JSR DELAY DEC CNTHI BNE BLOOP RTS 20 blinks Blink counter Blink register Get blink pattern Blink LEDs Short delay Loop if not done DELAY Subroutine The DELAY subroutine implements a classic three-level, nested loop design.

6, compute the corresponding frequency, and check to see if the constants have been chosen correctly. Computing the Note Durations The DURTAB table stores the note durations expressed in numbers equivalent to the number of half-cycles for each note. 2175 second per note. 2175 where D is expressed as a number of periods. 5 (which needs to be expanded). Verify that they match the numbers in table DURTAB at address 2Dl. 9) 27 ADVANCED 6502 PROGRAMMING Program Implementation The program has been structured in two logical parts.

The player on the right will be signaled first to initiate the game. 1. A random period of time will elapse after this prompt, then the bottom row of LEDs on the Games Board will light up. The left-most LED (LED #10) signals to the player to proceed. The four right-most LEDs (LEDs 12, 13, 14, and 15) display the coded binary number. 2. In this case, player 1 should clearly press key number 5. If the player guesses correctly, the program switches to player 2. Otherwise, player 1 will be given another chance until his or her turn (17 seconds) is up.

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