Advanced Level Mathematics: Statistics 1 by Steve Dobbs

By Steve Dobbs

Written to check the contents of the Cambridge syllabus. facts 1 corresponds to unit S1. It covers illustration of information, variations and combos, chance, discrete random variables and the conventional distribution.

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20 A. Barhoumi, H. Ouerdiane & A. 1. The Lie algebra B generated by A† , A, N, I gives rise to a unitary equivalent irreducible representation of the L´evy-Meixner oscillator algebra A. Proof. From the relations (18) and (22) we read, for any n ≥ 0, [A† , A]Φn = λn λn+1 Φn − λn λn−1 = [ωn+1 − ωn ]Φn = [2βN + c2 I]Φn . In a similar way we found [N, A† ]Φn = A† Φn , [N, A]Φn = −AΦn . The irreducibility property is obvious from the completeness of the family {Φn }∞ n=0 in ΓLM . As it is expected, we want the Fock space representation of the L´evyMeixner oscillator to be unitary equivalent to the one in the L2 (µ)-space.

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