Aldol Reactions by Rainer Mahrwald

By Rainer Mahrwald

Aldol Reactions offers a complete up to date evaluate of aldol reactions together with software of other steel enolates; catalytic aldol additions catalyzed by way of varied Lewis acids and Lewis bases; enantioselective direct aldol additions; antibodies and enzyme catalyzed aldol additions and the hot competitive improvement of organocatalyzed aldol additions. the facility of every technique is validated by way of a number of purposes in overall synthesis of typical items. the professionals and cons of those methodologies with reference to stereoselectivity, regioselectivity and alertness in overall synthesis of common items are mentioned. nice value is decided to the varied chances of the guide of aldol response to put in required configurations in advanced normal product synthesis.

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7,8,9 After these initial reports the attention was drawn to the stereoselective execution of this method. The aldol addition proceeds via a chair-like, six-membered transition state, which is more rigid than those of alkali metal enolates. This is due to the shorter boron oxygen bond length, which guarantees a maximum of 1,3-diaxial interactions (R3 ↔ L) and thus the formation of the more stable transition states A and B. For that reason higher stereoselectivities were observed when used with boron enolates, compared to aldol additions of corresponding lithium enolates.

4 Titanium Enolates Titanium enolate-based aldol additions have a tremendous synthetic potential. 3 The titanium enolates were generated mostly by transmetallation of corresponding lithium enolates with ClTi(Oi-Pr)3 or ClTi(NR2)3. 1). 1. LDA O 2. Ti(Oi-Pr)3Cl O 3. 4 Evans and coworkers used a combination of TiCl4 and i-Pr2NEt for syn-selective aldol addition. 5 For results with (S)-2-benzyloxy-3-pentanone in aldol additions under these conditions see Rodriguez-Cisterna et al. 6,7 R. V. 8 1. TiCl4, amine O 2.

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