All about the telescope by P Klushantsev

By P Klushantsev

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They had special telescopes which did not have to be looked through. They used a very sensitive radio and a special aerial which looked like a huge saucer. This aerial picked up radio-waves only on the side it was facing. The radio-astronomers pointed their aerials in various directions. It appeared that radio-waves radiate from all warm objects. Of course, these waves do not carry words or music. If you catch them and feed them into a loud-speaker, you will, only hear a rustling sound. But this rustling sound varies according to the object's temperature.

Dark side of the Moon cannot· be seen. Why is the Moon sometimes round, The hazy air hides it and the other stars, sometimes a thick crescent and sometimes but they all are still there during the day. a thin crescent like a sickle? Because jt No one switches them off! revolves around us. It is like the puppy At night the air is in the shade. The on the lead in our drawing. Sun does not light it at night. It becomes Sometimes the puppy's face is brightly transparent like a curtain after the light .

It became dark and cold. The Sun no longer rose 'and nothing warmed the frozen Earth. Even the Moon no longer lit up the mountains and forests. Bad times fell upon the country of Kalevala. People began to be overpowered by the darkness and cold. It was hard without the Sun. Oh how hard! But althougn the old woman had avenged the heroes, she still felt afraid. She turned herself into a hawk and flew to see what the heroes were doing in the cold and darkness. Had they already died or were they still trembling with fear?

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