Amateur Telescope Making in the Internet Age: Finding Parts, by Robert L. Clark

By Robert L. Clark

The web Age is altering every thing approximately human invention and using expertise. The swap has been in comparison to that of the advent of printing. Making your individual telescope isn’t what it was, both, thank you in part to the web. The outdated days of grinding and sharpening are long gone – except you must do it! now you can gather a very good tool from quite a lot of reasonable Internet-available parts, new or used. the web is the hot components “junkyard,” with stuff from around the world so that you can decide via, day or evening. during this publication you will discover out what’s as a rule on hand and the way to entry it. you'll methods to assessment optical parts and mix them from assorted web resources. you'll get many principles on find out how to make the elements that you just don’t purchase or scrounge and the way to revive previous lenses and mirrors. and you may examine a few undemanding physics of designing ergonomic – cozy – telescopes. Navigating your means round the percentages is simple utilizing this important and well timed source. With Robert Clark’s assist you can get the easiest that the net has to supply. start now!

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2 Herschelian reflector The Herschelian design has the advantage of not needing a secondary mirror, so it has only one optical surface. This makes it a bit more efficient, since you lose some light at each surface. In addition it has the advantage of not having an obstruction right in the middle of the tube. The diagonal blocks some light in a Newtonian. It has the major disadvantage of requiring that the objective mirror be set at an angle. This introduces some astigmatism into the system. If the f ratio of a Herschelian is below about 8 then stars will look like little lines.

6 shows a dollar telescope using some mailing tubes and a glued-up tube made from a couple of old file folders, in case you can’t find ready-made tubes that will work. Don’t worry about lumps in a glued-up tube. The whole thing will be flexible enough that you will be able to push it into shape. If you choose to add more layers you will end up with a pretty decent tube. This is probably how the tubes for Galileo’s telescopes were made. There was a shortage of mailing tubes available in 1608 or so.

The author applied lots of WD40TM and it drifted apart over a period of several days. What is drifting? Often parts that have rusted together or otherwise become frozen, one to another, can be separated by the application of relatively small force but applied very sharply if a small notch is cut into one of the parts and the bit of a dull chisel is inserted in the notch so that a sharp rap on the chisel urges the piece in the correct direction. If you do that, you may get a little motion in the frozen The Large Copyscope 37 Fig.

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