Amelia's BFF by Marissa Moss

By Marissa Moss

Amelia is so excited that Nadia, her BFF from again in California is coming to go to. She's definite that Nadia and Carly, her BFF in Oregon are going to actually get on well and they'll have a very good week jointly. difficulty is Nadia and Carly can't stand one another and Amelia is trapped within the center. while your most sensible pals are warring how do you decide facets? Who's her actual BFF now?

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One of them yelled. Both older boys started for the door — and for Ben. 49 CHAPTER 7 Chase Ben ran as fast as he could back toward the door to the alley. He heard the older boys’ boots stomping on the tiled floor behind him. Ben’s heart pounded in his chest and his feet pounded down on the cracked tile floor. He ran so fast that he felt the blood beating in his throat. ” one of the boys yelled. Ben nearly tripped when he turned the corner to head back toward the alley. 50 His old sneakers barely gripped the worn tile, and his right foot went out from under him.

Dad was there, dozing on the couch. His brother’s door was closed, and Ben thought the lunch must have made all three of them very tired. “I guess everyone’s taking a nap,” he muttered to himself. Then he heard happy laughter coming from his room. 41 Kaya? He ran into his room and looked out the open window. He was just in time to see the girl down below dart into the building next door. “Not this time,” he said. He slipped on his sneakers, grabbed his flashlight, and ran out of the apartment. 42 CHAPTER 6 The Alley With the sun so low, the alley was already growing dim.

Ben threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt and started for his bedroom door, but as he opened it, he noticed the light was still on in the living room. 55 Dad is still awake, he thought. I can’t sneak out with him in the living room! Then he heard voices. Who can be visiting at this hour? Ben wondered. Leaving his bedroom door open a crack, Ben took a few steps down the hall. He leaned forward, straining to hear what his father was saying. “It’s such a shame,” Dad said. “Indeed,” said the other man’s voice.

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