An introduction to experimental physics by Colin Cooke

By Colin Cooke

Realizing, designing and accomplishing experiments is on the center of technological know-how. this article introduces the basic rules on which physicists may still construct an intensive experimental method of their discipline.


knowing, designing and accomplishing experiments is on the middle of technology. this article introduces the elemental ideas on which physicists should still construct a radical experimental method to Read more...

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Electrical noise is often caused by the random motion of electrons in components and this can be reduced by the simple expedient of cooling the offending part of the circuit. Again there is increased cost and inconvenience to be considered. Units Accurate measurement is only possible if your values can be compared with those performed in other laboratories so that checks can be made of the quality of your work, particularly in relation to systematic errors. To this end we need to define units of measurement, which represent the best that can be achieved at the time of their definition.

There is still the possibility that the scale itself is not calibrated properly, but it is more difficult to investigate and correct such an error, so we will leave that to the competence of the manufacturer. CHARACTERISTICS OF EQUIPMENT 47 Complexity The time-honoured rule in life is that when all else fails, read the instructions! Unless, that is, they are a poor translation from the Japanese, in which case it is quicker to ask someone who is familiar with the equipment. This was the situation I was in a number of years ago when trying to make a computer and printer communicate sensibly.

24 WRITING ABOUT EXPERIMENTS Every time you write the result of a measurement you should be thinking of three components: value, unit, and random error. Omissions were made from the first account to try to emphasize this fact. 7, to show all six curves on the same sheet of graph paper, the absence of identification for the lines can lead to confusion. In your lab notebook use coloured pens to make them distinct. 7. 01 V, and currents to 1×10−12 A. 3 Values of the cathode current I (10−12 A). 2 nm.

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