Archaic Lakonian Architecture: The Evidence of a Temple by R. W . V. Catling

By R. W . V. Catling

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Umayr64 took some pebbles and was going to pelt him with them, saying, "May God oppose him! " But when al-Hajjaj spoke, the pebbles began to spill from his hands without his even noticing. " Let me see no more of these gatherings.  Dabi' al-Burjumi, who was subsequently al-Hajjaj's first victim in al-Kufah, as related below, II, 869ff.  Qur'an 16:112. , 101:1-2: al-qari`ah ma al-qari`ah), although habr does not occur in the Qur'an. '").  Løkkegaard, Islamic Taxation in the Classic Period (Copenhagen, 1950), 38ff.

Ahlwardt, The Divans of the Six Ancient Arabic Poets (London, 1870), 30. Page 17 whom they frighten by rattling an old waterskin at its rump. ).  Al-Kumayt76 said, describing a waterskin: Which no women measuring undertook to cut out, and from whose interior no stream of water poured.  Also, a "measured" (khalqa') stone is a smooth one, as in this verse:77 And a broad chest above swaying legs, like a measured stone used as a sliding area for children to play on.  "Gossamer fantasies" means what is untrue.

WKAS: Wörterbuch der klassischen arabischen Sprache. Wiesbaden, 1970. Page xi Translator's Foreword In this volume al-Tabari chronicles the first nine years of the Marwanid restoration, the period following the final defeat and death of `Abdallah b. al-Zubayr in Mecca and the reunification of the Islamic polity under his opponent, the caliph `Abd al-Malik. After twelve years of continuous civil war, this was a period of relative tranquillity, at least in the western provinces of the Hijaz, Syria, and Egypt.

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