Beautiful Stranger by Zoey Dean

By Zoey Dean

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Sure, she’d thought she loved Adam Flood. She’d thought he brought out a side of her that no one else ever had. But look what that had gotten her. Stood up. Fucked over. Alone. Damn him. He hadn’t shown up at the Ben-Hur wrap party last night. That he would choose to extend a camping trip with his parents up in Michigan, where there were more mosquitoes than mojitos, rather than be with the hottest girl ever to graduate from Beverly Hills High—namely, her—was unfathomable. Not only had he not shown up, he hadn’t even called.

It was always the other way around. And she liked it that way. Cammie quickly dressed in CK white linen shorts and a T-Bags silk-screened white T-shirt of Marilyn Monroe holding hands with Marilyn Manson. Instead of drying her hair, she twisted it into a makeshift bun and secured it with a silver Cross pen. Nor did she bother with makeup. Cammie always bothered with makeup, so of course Sam noticed. Looking perfect was at the top of Cammie’s to-do list every single day. ” Sam asked, as she finished her hair and opened her H.

How dare Adam blow her off! And what the hell was he doing that could be better than being with her? Fishing for walleye? Chopping wood? Mixing up a batch of delicious Tang? Minutes later, Cammie let her anger simmer as the steamy water beat down upon her from twin showerheads. When she stepped out, she found Sam already dressed in new high-waisted Chloé jeans and a red sleeveless cashmere tank, blow-drying her shoulder-length straight brown hair at the large mirror that ran the length of the dressing room as she hummed to herself.

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