Beauty and the Brain: Biological Aspects of Aesthetics by Ingo Rentschler, Barbara Herzberger, David Epstein (auth.),

By Ingo Rentschler, Barbara Herzberger, David Epstein (auth.), Ingo Rentschler, Barbara Herzberger, David Epstein (eds.)

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Certain gestural elements also appear cross-culturally in art, such as the presentation of a vertical open palm, which occurs in many cultures as a symbol of warding off evil, either in figurines or simply as an isolated hand in the form of an amulet or door painting. I filmed this gesture in a girl bom deaf and blind, who was trying to ward off evil. Aseries of exposed teeth with the mouth gaping and threatening to bite is another widespread feature of apotropaic designs, and, if the face is human, a vertical frown is often added.

In commercial art, the infantile attributes as weil as the sexual attributes are frequently exaggerated. Drawing: H. Eibl-Eibesfeldt31 The Biological Foundation of Aesthetics 43 tive correlation between the neonate's features (large eyes, small nose, and small cbin) and female attractiveness. Fauss34 found that a small baby's mouth is considered beautiful by males and females alike. Should cross-cultural investigations support my theory of a universal paedomorpbic beauty ideal for human facial characteristics, we would have an aesthetic preference wbich, by mate selection, favors the selection of modern hominoid traits over archaic paleohominoid features (Fig.

During my film documentation of unstaged social interactions, I found that, in all cultures studied by us so far, babies are addressed in a higher pitch than normal. The cross-cultural similarity of the pattem is striking. Eggebrecht68 and Schröder69 found that different types of well-defined songswar songs, love songs, and wailing songs, for example- coming from different cultures were recognized by listeners and put into the right category with a statistically significant degree of success. Thus, objective studies as well as subjective impressions teach us that music has a particularly penetrating and arousing effect, with much more urgency than the visual arts, which invite one to contemplate the object and only gradually arouse the viewer.

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