Bergson-Deleuze Encounters: Transcendental Experience and by Valentine Moulard-Leonard

By Valentine Moulard-Leonard

Explores the continuities and discontinuities within the paintings of Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze.

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8 This means that it does not, as yet, provide a necessary ontological grounding for this phenomenon, traditionally held by phenomenology to be the condition of all thought, all experience, all knowledge: the first condition for the possibility of any phenomenological inquiry. Let us turn to the first chapter of Matter and Memory for what I take to be Bergson’s genealogical account of the phenomenon of consciousness. The Role of the Body Preliminary Remarks: Science and Philosophy As its title clearly indicates, Matter and Memory aims primarily at tackling the problem of dualism.

Third, representation starts out by being impersonal. It adopts our body progressively, to become our representation through a phenomenon of frustrated refraction against that particular image I call my body, which introduces indetermination in matter. I conclude that the Kantian unity of apperception does not have to be assumed; we can show its genealogy by tracing it back to the sensory-motor system qua small part of the universe. In the Critique of Pure Reason, Kant must postulate the unity of apperception as the ultimate ground of his phenomenological critique.

Modified) Consciousness is thus primarily the consciousness of movements received in the shape of perceptions, and of potential movements to be executed in the shape of actions. Consciousness appears as a feeling or a sensation at every step at which I have to take an initiative, and it disappears as soon as my activity, by becoming automatic, does not need its assistance any longer (1997a, 12/1991, 18). In the language of Time and Free Will, we could say that at the level of pure presence, the origin of the phenomenon of consciousness, whose site is the body, is none other than the feeling of spontaneity.

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