Bescherelle : La conjugaison pour tous (Bescherelle) French by Frederique Hatier

By Frederique Hatier

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It is not the breasts, chests, vagina, penis that holds your sexuality but what rises within you and works in harmony with your dear body You can so easily confuse the outer as the source of beauty and the entrance to sexual aliveness when you are being awakened from a much deeper centre and your sensual knowledge calls you home to the delight of presence the wind on your chest 37 CHAPTER 3 the expanse in your back the thrill of naked feet in sand places of release invite you to sense from the inside out now is the time to love back your body to itself live in a state of open where the cords of fire will rip through your body and you will know the deep gift of your own vitality feeding the heart of sexuality where all of life is a bedroom to be awake to each moment loving each breath in this place is an ancient shrine located deep within your own crevices calling you forth to your own juice the desire is already within you it only needs to be honoured for its pure nature it is what calls you to the divine to yourself and to the other and it is not your hips or pelvis which is sexy, but how you let the energy of life soar and dance through your pelvis to say yes to its own truth here is your ground here is your flight.

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