Biochemistry of Halogenated Organic Compounds by Kenneth L. Kirk

By Kenneth L. Kirk

Biochemistry of Halogenated natural Compounds has been written as a normal reference resource for researchers in different comparable parts, together with natural chemists, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and scientific researchers. the advance of halogenated compounds as medicinal brokers and pharmacological instruments and the attention-grabbing biochemi­ cal strategies which have been came upon and studied utilizing those analogues have generated super energetic components of analysis and a huge quantity of literature. hence, halogenated natural compounds pervade each point of biochemistry, a truth made obvious through the varied reports and monographs to be had on person topics-halogenated nucleosides, halogenated carbohydrates, etc. Given the volume of fabric already written on those subject matters, a few of which fabric is kind of present, it'd be requested no matter if a one-volume evaluate of those matters comes in handy, or attainable. Having now accomplished this paintings, i believe the reply to either questions is an emphatic sure. There are interesting tales to be comparable in each one region, and, the place acceptable, i've got tried to boost those themes . from a old standpoint. for instance, the invention of the anticancer job of fluorouracil, the unraveling of the different mechanisms of its motion, and the advance of a number of later generations of anticancer and antiviral brokers in keeping with the father or mother fluoro-, iodo-, bromo-, and trifluoromethylpyrimidines have been, and are, contributions of significant value to clinical science.

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