Biological Investigations: Form, Function, Diversity and by Warren D Dolphin

By Warren D Dolphin

This lab handbook is for a one or two-semester majors point basic biology lab and will be used with any majors-level normal biology textbook. The labs are investigative and ask scholars to take advantage of extra severe considering and hands-on studying. the writer emphasizes investigative, quantitative, and comparative ways to learning the existence sciences.

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5-3 Different students probably obtained slightly different values for their water volume measurements at the beginning of the exercise. Even if gross errors (such as wrong calculations, failure to follow directions, or incorrect readings) are ruled out, there would still be some variation due to minor experimental and chance errors. Therefore, the measurements you have made are not true values but are simply estimations of a true value. Some estimations obtained by the class are lower than the true value, while others are higher.

When releasing fluid from the pipette, be careful not to allow the liquid to run freely because droplets will cling to the inner walls. The flow should be regulated, aiming for a rate of less than one-half the free flow. C A U T I O N If you use glass pipettes, never draw chemical or biohazardous solutions into a pipette by mouth suction, as you would do with a straw, because you may accidentally ingest a poison or pathogen. ) If you have to use an automatic micropipetter, using it is a bit more involved and proper technique will be demonstrated by your instructor, usually the following steps are involved.

Which direction did they move in relation to their concentration gradient? What are the molecular weights of these ions? Did starch and protein move through the dialysis membrane? What are their typical molecular weights? What evidence do you have that water moved through the dialysis membrane? Test for Sulfate Ion Add a few drops of 2% BaCl2 solution to one inside and one outside tube for both start and end samples. If SO4– is present, a white precipitate of BaSO4 will form. 34 Determining How Materials Enter Cells 4-4 Dolphin: Biological Investigations: Form, Function, Diversity & Process, 6/e TA B L E 4 .

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