Brecht on Art and Politics by Bertolt Brecht

By Bertolt Brecht

This quantity comprises new translations to increase our snapshot of 1 of the 20 th century's such a lot enjoyable and suggestion frightening writers on tradition, aesthetics and politics. listed below are a cross-section of Brecht's wide-ranging suggestions which supply us a unprecedented window onto the worries of a latest global in 4 many years of monetary and political illness. The booklet is designed to offer wider entry to the adventure of a dynamic mind, noticeably engaged with social, political and cultural techniques. every one part starts with a brief essay by way of the editors introducing and summarising Brecht's idea within the appropriate 12 months.

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Letter in the Third Winter of our Discontent The worst thing is that, whatever topic we want to develop an opinion on, we have to take a big run-up first. And you have to take care not to get tired on the way! Matters where we understand the old folk are as scarce as hen's teeth. Their whole generation, let's get straight to the point, is categorically, irrevocably and conscientiously misunderstood by our own. It is because this time the third generation has followed straight on the first. The one in between was swallowed up by the earth when it tried to filch the ore mines of Briey.

The great ages in which the literati ruled (of the calibre of Napoleon) are few. Let us get back to detective novels! Gynaecology It is proof of poor-quality linguistic material if, the more polish an edifice has, the worse it gets. It is proof of good material if an edifice gets all the more lively the more polish it has. Every thought that is written down in this German language, ruined as it is by a hundred years of wets and lackeys, is spoilt by careful stylisation. Linguistically things are just as bad as they are in gynaecology (rural practice).

5 On German Literature We Germans are very conceited about our seriousness, we feel that the opposite of seriousness is frivolity and that frivolity must be condemned. Other nations feel differently. We think that humour is a bad and lazy method of dealing with things. We presuppose that things always give cause for concern, that our opinion about them is correct, and we hope that we will be taken more seriously if we are serious ourselves. We harbour a deep mistrust of everything that is easy, we suspect immediately that if someone is slapdash the emphasis is on the slap above all, and not the dash, and that it's not the man who is better, but that his work is worse.

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