Bullseye Breach: Anatomy of an Electronic Break-In by Greg Scott

By Greg Scott

Ripped from fresh headlines, this gripping cyber-attack story has all of the parts of a global mystery, together with a floating corpse within the Gulf of Finland. Meet an underground legal provide chain, its blameless sufferers, and an not likely midwestern IT staff with an creative approach to struggle again opposed to the robbery of hundreds of thousands of credit-card numbers. If information breaches weren't regimen through now, this tale will be incredible. as an alternative, it is a photograph of existence in modern-day interconnected international, and an unforgettable web defense schooling. IT safety hasn't ever been so riveting!

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One list has usernames and passwords; the other list has websites and usernames, but garbled passwords. ” “Uncle, this is a basic database join operation. ” Every few days, Tarski ran Yuri’s program to match user credentials with website credentials. It was an intensive operation to compare millions of user credentials with web credentials from thousands of candidate sites. It would not have been feasible to do it manually. But with modern computers and Yuri’s programming skills, the job was simple—if not tedious.

The future of your company depends on it. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed getting to know the characters and writing it. One more note to keep me out of hot water: although inspired by real life events, the story in this book is straight out of my imagination. It’s fiction. I made it up. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ” Sun Tzu, Chinese strategist (544 - 496 BC) Cybercrime Seminar “Beneath every inch of the Internet superhighway is a vast sewer system, the underground home of cybercriminals who—” Jerry Barkley abruptly paused in the middle of his speech on cybercrime, because he suddenly realized he was the only man in the room not wearing a suit.

Jesse was reduced to monitoring the monitors. Her job wasn’t fun anymore. “Well I think he’s making some good points,” said Jesse. “The criminal mind never stops. They enjoy finding new ways to take advantage of clueless people. ” asked Liz. Jesse ignored that question. “You know, I bought that same sweater for my brother last Christmas,” said Jesse. ” Berger snapped his head around and gave Jesse a dirty look. Jesse bit her lip to keep from laughing, and fixed her eyes on the podium. “Credit-card fraud may be a very small problem for the average retailer, but if you get hit, you get hit big.

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