Cereal biotechnology by Peter C. Morris, James H. Bryce

By Peter C. Morris, James H. Bryce

(Woodhead Publishing restricted) Discusses genetic amendment in cereal biotechnology, explaining the root for present rules and techniques for assessing hazards. additionally addresses particular functions for cereal biotechnology from using molecular organic instruments cereal construction equipment.

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CHO, M-J, CHOI, H W, BUCHANAN, B B and LEMAUX, P G, Inheritance of tissuespecific expression of barley hordein promoter-uidA fusions in transgenic barley plants. Theoretical Applied Genetics, 1999 98 1253–62. 38. JENSEN, L G, OLSEN, O, KOPS, O, WOLF, N, THOMSEN, K K and VON WETTSTEIN, D, Transgenic barley expressing a protein-engineerd, thermostable (1,31,4)- -glucanase during germination. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 1996 93(4) 3487–91. 39. MANNONEN, L, RITALA, A, NUUTILA, A M, KURTE´ N, U, ASPEGREN, K, TEERI, T H, AIKASALO, R, TAMMISOLA, J and KAUPPINEN, V, Thermotolerant fungal glucanase in malting barley.

The expression of the HMW-GS under control of a glutenin promoter was clearly demonstrated but no data on the elasticity of the dough were presented. 45 showed that indeed dough elasticity increased with an increase in copies of HMW-GS. They transformed a wheat line containing less The genetic transformation of wheat and barley 35 endogenous HMW-GS copies and the challenge now is to transform current cultivars which are already selected for bread-making quality to see whether the dough elasticity in these cultivars can also be improved.

37 The reporter gene is able to change a colourless substrate to a blue product and, as depicted, this occurs only in the starchy endosperm (dark stain) and not in the embryo, scutellum, testa, pericarp or husk. Fig. 6 Histochemical enzyme assay for -glucuronidase (Gus) on non-transformed barley seeds and seeds from barley transformed with a Hordein-B1-Gus construct. Expression of Gus is only detected in the transformed seeds (top) in the endosperm (dark). Courtesy of M-J Cho, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

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