Cognition, Vol. 2, No. 2 by J. Mehler & T. G. Bever (Editors)

By J. Mehler & T. G. Bever (Editors)

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Sentences (I) are acceptable in any case since the canonical construction does not appear in the semantic reading we have been discussing: The fir tree planted in (I) can be as small as one cares to imagine. The effect of this constraint appears clearly in the examples with balafrer (48), where cicatrice cannot be the metonymy of balafre fraiche (fresh cut), it is less clear in (2), where sapin is seen as a young plant by some informants, as a fully grown tree by others. This would account for the variations of judgments we have for (2).

I) Le voilier lilliputien a accoste le genou de Gulliver. ) (II) Le voilier lilliputien a accost6 Gulliver au genou. ) (I) Le planeur lilltputien a atterri sur le bras de Gulliver. ) (II) Le planeur lilliputien lui a atterri sur le bras, h Gulliver. ) (I) Jonas regagne l’estomac de la baleine. ) (II) *Jonas regagne la baleine a l’estomac. ) (I) Le voilier lilliputien cinglait vers le genou de Gulliver. Le voilier lilliputien lui cinglait vers le genou, d Gulliver. ) 196 Jean-Paul Boons In the structure shown in (a It), there appears a complement Lot Dd Npb (where Lot represents a locative preposition such as h [to], dam [in], sur [on], contre [against]) which refers to the direct object and does not belong to the normal structure (a 1) taken by the verb.

These attempts at explanation are only partly satisfying. It seems to us that it is quite possible to accept sentences (3b) or (7b) without necessarily supposing that the Acceptability, interpretation and knowledge of the world 191 fir trees or paving stones fill all the available space (Chomsky), nor that there is, or will be, no plantation or load in the estate or lorry other than fir trees or paving stones (Hall). We shall leave this hunting after sense (which could well turn out to be a hunting of the Snark), remarking merely that (3b) or (7b) must contain some idea of occupation of the estate or the lorry by the fir trees or paving stones.

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