Commutative Algebra and Its Connections to Geometry: by Alberto Cosro, Claudia Polini

By Alberto Cosro, Claudia Polini

This quantity includes papers according to displays given on the Pan-American complicated stories Institute (PASI) on commutative algebra and its connections to geometry, which used to be held August 3-14, 2009, on the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Olinda, Brazil. the most aim of this system was once to element fresh advancements in commutative algebra and interactions with such parts as algebraic geometry, combinatorics and desktop algebra. The articles during this quantity be aware of themes imperative to trendy commutative algebra: the homological conjectures, difficulties in confident and combined attribute, tight closure and its interplay with birational geometry, indispensable dependence and blowup algebras, equisingularity conception, Hilbert services and multiplicities, combinatorial commutative algebra, Grobner bases and computational algebra

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Soc. 87 (2003), 610-646. Department of Mathematics, Central Michigan University, Mt. A. tw Contemporary Mathematics Volume 555, 2011 Pl¨ ucker–Clebsch formula in higher dimension Ciro Ciliberto and Vincenzo Di Gennaro Abstract. Let S ⊂ Pr (r ≥ 5) be a nondegenerate, irreducible, smooth, complex, projective surface of degree d. Let δS be the number of double points of a general projection of S to P4 . In the present paper we prove that , with equality if and only if S is a rational scroll. Extensions to δS ≤ d−2 2 higher dimensions are discussed.

An , bn ) with a1 > a2 > · · · > an and b1 < b2 < · · · < bn . Then xai y bi , K= 1≤i≤n i is odd xai y bi 1≤i≤n i is even is a minimal reduction of I. Proof. Notice that for any two odd (resp. even) indices j < k, there exists an even (resp. odd) index i such that j < i < k. Since (a1 , b1 ), (a2 , b2 ), . , (an , bn ) are vertices of a convex graph, (ai , bi ) is on the left of the line through (aj , bj ) and (ak , bk ). 3, K is a reduction of K ∗ . Since K ∗ ⊆ I and since their graphs have the same convex hull, K ∗ is a reduction of I.

In this paper we intend to find, for a non-monomial ideal a, conditions that guarantee the existence of a monomial ideal which is integral over a. The notion of the Hilbert-Samuel multiplicity of an m-primary ideal is generalized to a module satisfying certain conditions by Buchsbaum and Rim in 1960s [BR]. It has attracted attention of both algebraists and geometers. Many nice properties of m-primary ideals are then extended to modules, especially those in the reduction theory (see Section 2). f.

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