Conquering the Electron: The Geniuses, Visionaries, by Derek Cheung, Eric Brach

By Derek Cheung, Eric Brach

Conquering the Electron bargains readers a real and fascinating background of the realm of electronics.

Beginning with the discoveries of static electrical energy and magnetism and finishing with the production of the cellphone and the iPad, this booklet indicates the interconnection of every strengthen to the following one at the lengthy trip to our modern-day technologies. 
Want to grasp how AT&T's Bell Labs constructed semiconductor technology--and how its top scientists nearly got here to blows within the technique? are looking to know how radio and tv work--and why RCA drove their inventors to financial disaster and an early grave? Conquering the Electron bargains those tales and extra, featuring each one progressive technological enhance correct along the blow-by-blow own battles that each one too frequently took place.
By exploring the combo of genius, infighting, and good fortune that powered the construction of the digital age we inhabit today, Conquering the Electron shows the interconnection of every develop to the following whereas additionally pulling again the curtain at the visionaries whose rules formed our world. 

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But in 1862, not long after the fledgling outset of his professorial career, Britain’s Royal Society, with the recommendation of Prof. Thomson, commissioned the thirty-one-year-old Maxwell to attempt to unify the basic units of electromagnetism. Maxwell’s first step was to call on the master: the now-seventy-year-old Faraday. Faraday shared all his thoughts with the young man, and he hoped that someday the young math genius would be able to put all the pieces in perfect order. Maxwell combined Faraday’s insights with the ideas of Ampère, Gauss, Lord Kelvin, and numerous other scientists.

However, the technical challenge proved difficult, and for a long time, his experiments failed. At last, in 1831, when Faraday was in the process of inserting a magnet into a coil of wire, he noticed that an indicating needle on a meter measuring the current in the coil appeared to move ever so slightly before returning to its original position. Almost by accident but thanks to his keen observation, Faraday discovered that when a magnet and a coil of wire move with respect to one another, this motion produces an electric current in the wire—in other words, that kinetic energy of motion could be converted into electric energy.

During the development of quantum mechanics in the 1920s, more fundamental understanding on electromagnetic waves was reached. The waves can be viewed as made up of clusters of almost mass-less particles, known as “photons,” and the energy of each photon is proportional to the frequency of the wave. So extremely high frequency or short wavelength electromagnetic waves such as X-rays have higher energy (not to be confused with power, which refers to the intensity) and can cause damage to the body.

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