Consciousness in the Cell by Harun Yahya

By Harun Yahya

Within the nineteenth century, whilst the idea of evolution used to be recommend, the extent of technology and know-how was once really primitive. This led the theorys supporters to take care of that residing organisms had a essentially basic constitution. for instance, Ernst Haeckel, Darwins maximum supporter, believed mobile was once a "simple little lump of albuminous mix of carbon," no longer a lot assorted from a section of microscopic jello. Authors of the idea believed that simply because existence used to be made from extremely simple buildings, it will probably happen on its own, randomly. yet they have been fallacious, of course...During the previous one hundred fifty years, either technological know-how and know-how have made huge, immense strides. Scientists have chanced on the genuine constitution of what Haeckel defined as being an easy little lump. they've been surprised to work out that the cellphone isn't really remotely so simple as used to be believed, yet features a variety of unimaginably advanced platforms which can by no means were conceived of, less understood, in Darwins day.This ebook introduces the miracles of production within the residing cella miniature masterpiece. you'll discover how the organelles contained in the mobile, including the enzymes, proteins and different components that it produces, practice practical capabilities which can by no means be anticipated of them. you are going to learn examples of the actually trillions of cells to be present in the human physique, each one of which monitors superhuman intelligence and knowledge. once more, you are going to witness how all of this can't be an subconscious accident, yet is a made of Gods greater energy, knowledge and artistry.

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4. Next, special enzymes, or worker proteins found in the pancreatic cells read this formula, then begin producing insulin according to its directions. To effect this synthesis, hundreds of different enzymes go at work on different tasks. 5. The synthesized insulin is then dispatched to the target cells, through the blood—which is the most reliable and speedy manner. 6. Other cells that read the insulin's order to store sugar obey this command without fail. Gateways open up, allowing the sugar molecules to pass through into the cells.

Qur'an, 64: 3) 35 CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE CELL THE LIVER AS A GIANT LABORATORY No one could claim that a fully equipped laboratory, fitted out with the latest technology could come about by itself, by chance. But evolutionists claim that the liver's unparalleled laboratory complex arose by itself, advocating this claim with no proof at all. This is because Darwinism is a superstitious belief system, a spell that blinds one's mind. Five hundred separate processes take place in just one cell of the liver.

To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Everything in the heavens and Earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Qur'an, 59: 24) 58 HARUN YAHYA 59 CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE CELL THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM Oxygen is one of the most important substances needed for the life of body tissues. For this reason, oxygen must be delivered to the tissues constantly, and in sufficient quantities. One of the body's most important components is the perfect circulatory system, which faultlessly performs this oxygen-carrying duty.

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