Conspiracies-PF by Hammok Lee

By Hammok Lee

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When involving such powerful individuals, the slightest bit of favoritism such as awarding government contracts to Freemasons over non-Masonic bidders, can have drastic results. Structure: There are thirty-three ranks to Freemasonry, from the Entered Apprentice to the Grand Inquisitor General. There are numerous nonrank related titles in Freemasonry, such as Tylers, who oversee the security of rooms where Masonic secrets are being discussed. Most Freemasons do not progress beyond the third rank, the Master Mason, and many do not even know about the levels beyond Master Mason.

Coming from a long line of politicians with a sizeable family fortune, Henry quickly worked his way up from his state House of Representatives to the United States Senate, becoming one of the youngest Senators in the history of the United States. While Henry is intelligent, well spoken and has a head for politics, it was not his gifts alone that allowed him to advance so quickly. He had the backing of many influential Freemasons who have helped him with the goal of eventually having their favors returned when Henry sits in the Oval Office.

In the hopes of making similar finds, Area 51 began an aggressive program of tracking down and recovering remains of other extraterrestrial objects. Their concern is not convincing people UFOs do not exist or intimidating witnesses as the Men in Black do, but acquiring alien technology that ends up on Earth. To this end the Area 51 command has expanded to include Special Forces teams trained to acquire alien objects from other, possibly hostile organizations. During the Cold War, most of these efforts were focused on chasing after UFO debris recovered by the Russians, but more recent missions have included recovering a partially-intact saucer craft from Iraq after the Second Gulf War.

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