Construct Companion (Rolemaster) by Nicholas HM Caldwell

By Nicholas HM Caldwell

Carry out the mad scientist on your personality with our build spouse. even if you are looking for in charge mechanical mount or henchgolem to hold your loot, or whatever a bit higher to batter down a fort wall, the build spouse has you lined. The spouse is the whole consultant to making man made entities of all kinds-so begin equipping your lab this day!

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20 Bonus from Analyze Automaton spell: ... 2 AUTOMATON GIMMICKRY MANEUVER -26 down Spectacular Failure -25-04 Absolute Failure -10 Your design is a miserable failure. It can be built (with a – 10 penalty to Mechanition maneuvers), but will immediately suffer a catastrophic malfunction. All material resources and time spent on it will be wasted. 05-75 Failure +0 Your design is a failure. If it is a purely mundane invention, it will not work but you will not discover this unless it is built. If it is an Automaton, it can be built and will work partially.

To check for a Malfunction, roll d100 and add the Malfunction Number of the Automaton and any modifiers from damage. If the result is 101 or more, the CONSTRUCT ONSTRUCT COMPANION OMPANION 35 BHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHBHHB Automaton has malfunctioned. For every 10 hits worth of damage sustained, add 1 to the roll. For every critical sustained, add the following to the roll: +1 (“A”), +2 (“B”), +3 (“C”), +4 (“D”), and +5 (“E”). A Malfunction can be as minor as a simple jam of the gearing or a catastrophic explosion of a steam boiler.

Adding an Empowerment at construction time requires the artificer to cast the relevant Empower Device #, Empower Machine #, or Empower Vehicle # spell once per day for each day of the fabrication process of the Automaton. Empowerments increase the construction time and the Automaton’s Malfunction Number in direct proportion to their potency. Empowerments can also be added to an Automaton at any time after its construction is completed. As such modifications were not planned for in the design, they take longer and increase the Malfunction Number substantially.

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