Crystal Growth - From Fundamentals to Technology by Georg Müller, Jean-Jacques Métois, Peter Rudolph

By Georg Müller, Jean-Jacques Métois, Peter Rudolph

The ebook includes five chapters with 19 contributions shape across the world good stated specialists in numerous fields of crystal progress. the subjects are starting from basics (thermodynamic of epitaxy progress, kinetics, morphology, modeling) to new crystal fabrics (carbon nanocrystals and nanotubes, organic crystals), to expertise (Silicon Czochralski progress, oxide progress, III-IV epitaxy) and characterization (point defects, X-ray imaging, in-situ STM). It covers the therapy of bulk development in addition to epitaxy via anorganic and natural fabrics.

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An atom at a kink in a step has three bonds to the crystal, and so will leave more slowly. An atom which is part of the flat face of the crystal has five bonds to the crystal, and will leave it much more slowly. The surface of a simple cubic crystal where the surface atoms have various numbers of nearest neighbors in the crystal is illustrated in Fig. 3. Figure 3. Configurations on the surface of a simple cubic crystal. The rate at which atoms join the crystal is assumed to be independent of the local configuration, but the rate at which an atom leaves the crystal depends on how many of its nearest neighbor sites are occupied by atoms of the crystal.

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