Cyrano de Bergerac (Webster's Chinese-Traditional Thesaurus by Edmond Rostand

By Edmond Rostand

This version is written in English. even if, there's a working Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of Cyrano de Bergerac. This version will be use

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Immense: 巨大, 无限的, 广大. iron: 铁, 熨斗, 鐵. kitchen: 厨房. laid: 放. monster: 妖怪, 怪物, 妖物. principally: 主要地. rooms: 房间. saucepan: 平底锅. shutter: 百叶窗. tall: 高大的, 高大. wooden: 木制, 木制的. yellow: 黄, 黄色. Cyrano de Bergerac 46 The ovens in the darkness under the stairs give forth a red glow. The copper pans shine. The spits are turning. Heaps of food formed into pyramids. Hams suspended. It is the busy hour of the morning. % On metal and wicker plates they are bringing in piles of cakes and tarts. Tables laden with rolls and dishes of food.

Pies: 馅饼. plates: 盘子. please: 请, 使高兴. puts: 放. quickly: 很快, 快, 迅速地. range: 范围, 靶场, 射程, 牧场, 区域, 距离, 围范. render: 呈送, 提出理由. seize: 把握, 捕捉, 霸占, 抓住, 捉, 窃取, 掳获, 捕, 抓. sonnet: 十四行诗. takes: 拿, 取走. wrap: 包, 包裹. Cyrano de Bergerac 50 RAGUENEAU [smoothing out the paper, begins to declaim]: that sweet name a smear of butter! 'Phillis!. % CYRANO: What's o'clock? RAGUENEAU [bowing low]: Six o'clock. CYRANO [with emotion]: In one hour's time! ] RAGUENEAU [following him]: Bravo! I saw. . CYRANO: Well, what saw you, then?

Chinese Simplified charming: 迷人, 迷人的. comes: 来. compose: 撰写, 组成, 排字, 作曲. cramp: 夹子, 扒钉, 钳. de: 可选择丢弃. extempore: 即席的, 即席之作. fellow: 同伴, 伙伴. fence: 篱笆, 栅栏, 栏位, 栏. gloves: 手套. hat: 帽子. idleness: 怠惰, 游手好闲. knowing: 博学的, 知道. pair: 对, 一对, 双. poet: 诗人. presto: 急板. proof: 证据, 证明, 证, 论证. remnant: 遗物, 残余, 剩余. saying: 名言, 说. scoundrel: 无籁, 坏蛋, 无赖. stiff: 僵硬, 板滞, 僵硬的. stroke: 笔锋, 冲程, 打击, 行程, 敲打, 笔划. sword: 剑. threw: 丢了. viscount: 子爵. vow: 发誓, 誓约. wear: 穿带, 穿. worn: 穿. Edmond Rostand 33 CYRANO [reciting, as if repeating a lesson]: Know then that the ballade should contain Three eight-versed couplets.

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