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It’s best if you choose a player who you know can handle having their Character kidnapped and victimized – preferably someone who trusts you and doesn’t have personal issues around control. If you choose a female player, be sure she’s someone you have a bond of trust with so that you don’t incite real world anxieties. The Character in question should be someone who has a normal enough social life and would be found out in the world. This Character will now be referred to as our Victim. At first, he begins to run into homeless people more often than he normally would.

The child was White – one of the rare and unusual xenomixed children. Riky believed them to be blessed. Enrique couldn’t believe that his wife had birthed a freak. They went into counseling and things slowly got better. Enrique let her give the child a Nazzadi name, but insisted the child be raised as a normal part of the world. Riky let it go because he was softening and their relationship was getting back to what it used to be. Then, after more than year, another note appeared like magic on the couple’s dresser.

He particularly enjoys smacking down anyone who likes to make fun of his name. Jack Hammer Experience Level: Veteran Race: Human Gender: Male Defining Characteristics: Cool, Pessimist Allegiance: New Earth Government Attributes: Agility 6, Intelligence 8, Perception 9, Presence 8, Strength 7, Tenacity 7, Secondary Attributes: Actions 2, Movement 11 mph (27/6 ypt), Orgone 12, Reflex 7, Vitality 12 Qualities: Acute Hearing, Acute Sight, Alluring/1, Ally (OIS Friend/2), Contact (Local Police/2), Depressive, Habit (Minor Addiction to Alchohol/1), Watched by the OIS/1 General Skills: Communications: Novice, Computer: Student, Criminal: Adept, Education: Adept, Intimidate: Adept, Language (English): Expert, Language (Nazzadi): Adept, Literacy: Novice, Hobby (Pool): Student, Law Enforcement: Master, Misdirect: Adept, Observation: Expert, Persuade: Adept, Regional Knowledge: Adept, Research: Adept, Stealth: Adept, Streetwise: Expert, Surveillance: Adept Combat Skills: Dodge: Adept, Fighting: Adept, Marksman: Expert Gear: Concealable Holster, CS-32 Peacemaker, 39 Long Overcoat, Night Vision Goggles, PCPU, Weapons Permit (PA), Wireless Communication Earpiece Scions of Forever Immortal Sorceress: Neferure el-Bahri Neferure is a beautifully exotic Egyptian woman who carries herself with uncommon grace.

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