Darwin's Blade: A Novel of Suspense by Dan Simmons

By Dan Simmons

A chain of high-speed deadly automobile wrecks -- injuries that appear. as though they might were staged -- is major Darwin Minor down a perilous street. A reluctantexpert on violent how one can die, he sifts clues from wreckage the best way an excellent coroner extracts damning details from a victim's corpse. however the deeper hedigs, the extra enemies he turns out to make, and the broader the conspiracy turns out to develop. ahead of lengthy, he will locate himself hoping on lethal assets of his personal inorder to avoid wasting his lifestyles -- and people of untold others.

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Fuck, Dar prayed, and braked to fall behind a Greyhound bus, braking again and skidding across the last three lanes toward the exit. He made it with the NSX’s rear wheels spinning at gravel on the shoulder, two corrections, and he was accelerating down the ramp, just catching sight of the exit sign as he passed—Lake Street. All right. He knew where he was. This road he was broadsiding onto now, following the fishtailing Mercedes, went Darwin’s Blade 49 nowhere except through the little bedroom community of Lake Elsinore along Lakeshore Drive.

From Lawrence’s preliminary field report and the data from the insurer, the park had been around for a while before turning into a senior-citizen community. Now one had to be at least fifty-five to live there—although grandchildren and other youngsters were allowed to visit overnight—but the age of the average resident was probably closer to eighty. It looked from the data sheets as if many of the older residents had lived there even before the park had opened as a senior community about fifteen years earlier.

He was interested in no sport except baseball. Unless one considered chess a sport. Dar did not. “Whatever,” said Henry. “That’s when Bud had his stroke. ” “That’s why Mr. ” “Pard,” said Henry. ” “Them carts, they’re made by a company named Pard and that’s what Bud called the cart—his pard. ” Dar knew the make. They were small and three-wheeled, almost like an oversized electric tricycle; a regular battery drove a small electric motor which powered the rear wheels. The little carts could be ordered with regular accelerator and brake pedals like a golf cart, or with brake and throttle controls on the handlebars for people without the use of their legs.

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