Deadly Edge by Richard Stark

By Richard Stark

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I know that," Parker said. This was one of his specialties, as electricity was one of Keegan's specialties and driving was one of Morris's. Rare is the high-number robbery that isn't cluttered up with people-bank customers or armored-car guards or store clerks or whatever. One of Parker's specialties was handling the people, which meant keeping them quiet, making sure none of them got 21 killed, making sure none of them loused up the routine. The last was the most important, and the others would be sacrificed to it, if necessary, though a neat job was always better.

Stop there, Hal. " "They say to put your hands on your head. " Which would be the nearer door. " "Tell the clerks to go over and sit on the sofa. " The woman's voice yammered; her expression through the glass was outraged. "You, too, Mrs. Kimberly. Yeah, but you better do it. " He got to his feet with his own gun in his right hand and Garrison's revolver in his left. " The male clerks were all moving toward the sofa, the woman last and with the most reluctance. At the sofa, one of the male clerks suddenly bolted for the other door.

35 Stevenson reached the door, and grabbed for the knob as though he needed it to go on standing. He rested his other palm, shoulder-height, against the door frame, then opened the door and called, "Lieutenant Garrison? " Down by Parker's left hand, a tinny voice said, "Hello? " A deeper echo sounded through the open door. Keegan, his voice low, said, "Here he comes. Easy . " as pIe. Parker saw the feet first, saw Stevenson moving awkwardly to his left-the door opened to the right, making the move slightly cumbersome-heard Stevenson say, "Well, there certainly is a lot of money tonight.

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