Death Note: Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases by Nisioisin, Andrew Cunningham

By Nisioisin, Andrew Cunningham

There’s a killer unfastened in l. a. and super-sleuth L is at the case. besides Naomi, a former FBI agent, he is helping the l. a. police resolve the grisly crimes. In average demise notice type, issues get advanced. And there’s a huge magnificent plot twist on the finish of the booklet.

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Well, I may not have been able to succeed him, but I want to leave this behind. So what you’re reading now are my notes about L. It’s a dying message, not from me, and not directed at the world. The person who will most likely read this first will probably be that big headed twit Near. But if that’s the case, I will not tell him to shred or burn these pages. If it causes him pain to discover that I knew things about L that he did not, then that’s fine. There’s also a chance that Kira might read this… and I hope he does.

This was enough to clear the screen saver, but at this point Misora became even more confused. The main e-mail program was running and flashing a “new mail” message. It was possible she’d fallen asleep with her computer on, but to fall asleep in the middle of checking her e-mail? While she was still wondering about that, she clicked on her inbox. There was one new message, from Raye Penber. This was the name of Misora’s current boyfriend, also an FBI agent. He was the most obvious example of the agents who had a high opinion of her (not that this stopped him from begging her to transfer to a less dangerous department every time something happened).

Why? Because this case is where L first introduced himself as Ryuzaki. So let us skip past all tedious descriptions of what Beyond Birthday thought, of how he went about killing his third victim, since I have in interest in that at all, and while we’re at it, let’s skip the second and first victims, make no effort to look back at the earlier murders, mod adjust the clock’s hands to the morning of the day after, the glittering moment when the century’s greatest detective, L, first began to investigate the case.

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