Delaware by Craig A. Doherty, Katherine M. Doherty

By Craig A. Doherty, Katherine M. Doherty

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He died during the Battle of Lützen in 1632, shown here. (Bettman/Corbis) 20 Delaware ican fur trade. In 1626, a Dutch-backed company called the South Company was formed to pursue foreign trade in the Americas and elsewhere. The company never raised enough money to attempt a 3333333333 Queen Christina (1626–1689) Queen Christina was the head of Sweden from her father’s death in 1632 until she abdicated the throne in 1654. From 1632 until 1644, she was queen in name only, as the country was ruled by Count Axel Oxenstierna and a board of regents.

Not only was he governor, but he also served as judge and prosecutor. Printz wrote regularly to Sweden asking for an assistant to help him with all his duties, but he never heard back from the government in Sweden. In 1653, 22 members of the colony signed a petition claiming that the governor was conducting the business of the colony for his own profit. They also stated that he dealt with unnecessary brutality toward people who opposed his actions. Printz’s reaction to the petition probably proved that the complaints were in part justified.

Suspecting that the small fort with its few cannons did not have the powder to answer his salute, Rising decided to eliminate the problem of having a Dutch fort in New Sweden. He easily captured the fort without really fighting for it. The Dutch settlers were allowed to stay as long as they pledged allegiance to New Sweden. Rising had been instructed to tolerate the Dutch and claimed that the taking over of Fort Casimir had been done by peaceful means. It was a technicality that meant little to the easily angered governor of New Netherland.

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